Link Assy         
Link Assy act as components of auto suspensions, connectiing several other parts that take         
much of the punishment as vehicles pass over pot holes and other road imperfections.         
Link Assy hooks the stabilizer bar which holds pairs of wheels connected .It improves handling and shock absorption ,          
keeping the car from swaying too much while turning which could lead to loss of control .          
With the prevalence of  pot holes and bumpy roads , entire suspension needs to withstand shocks ,          
so Link Assy employ cast iron , steel and alloy in their structure.

Stabilizer Link                                                                                                                                                              

While driving over the potholes and other road imperfections , Stabilizer Links act as a components of auto suspensions,
connecting several other parts that take much of the punishment. Stabilizer bar links improve handling   
and shock absorption, keep the car from swaying too much at turning time which could lead to loss of   
control. Adding stabilizer link between the main bars and the wheels refines this process of control,    
so vehicles handle tight.         
Stabilizer Links mostly made of cast iron, steel and alloy in their construction.    
Most have at least one ball joint for connecting with adjacent suspension components.    
Modern vehicles use segmented suspensions. Stabilizer or sway bars have stabilizer links.    
The stabilizer link bar holds pairs of wheels connected, while stabilizer links hook this larger   
piece with arms that go up to the wheels themselves. Ball joint connections enable turning and suspension travel.