Bushing acts as bearings at suspension fulcrum points and offer insulation for noise vibration and harshness. It allows for movement of the component , while maintaining its alignment .


Bushing is make of metallic or rubber , nylon or urethane . In Commercial vehicles , metallic bushes are commonly used as shackle bushes for leaf spring , Any force applied to the bush acts through it to the body of the vehicles , which results in a harsher ride. 

Metalic or rubber boned bushes are normally used for the front eye of the spring , at the fixed shackle point and also in control arm application.

The bush has a steel outer casing and inner sleeve .The rubber is bonded to both to provide flexibility between them .The outer casing is normally pressed into place in the component .Relative movement between the casing and the inner sleeve causes the rubber to shear without tearing.


Rubber bushes isolate noise and harshness and dampen unwanted vibrations. Rubber boned bushes can be used to mount steering rack the vehicles frame.The Rubber absorbs small impacts from the suspension action without transmitting them to the vehicles.

Bushes are submitted to tremendous loading and have a significant effect on the handling of a vehicle, therefore it is vital spare parts that quality must be priory concerned.